WOW NEWS: Having A Bad Hair Day?
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Years ago I had dull, damaged, lifeless hair. It was incredibly frustrating. I'd try different shampoos, conditioners, expensive salon treatments, hot oil packs ... you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked. Every day was a bad hair day.

Then I discovered the two critical pieces that gave me the shiny healthy hair I still have today in my 50s.

1) Hair (and skin) health must be mega-nourished from the INSIDE on a cellular level - skin and hair cells are literally starving.

2) Most hair (and skin) products contain toxic chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances and synthetics that suffocate from the OUTSIDE, so they ironically create more damage in the long run and contribute to hair loss.

Ouch. No wonder I wasn't getting anywhere.

So I switched gears. After doing more research, I started beautifying myself from the inside out as well as the outside in, and the results surprised even me. Not only did my hair radically improve, so did my skin and nails. And the bonus was even greater health and higher energy levels.


Hair products are used every single day - but have you ever considered what's actually in them? We glop stuff onto our hair, thinking it's helping when it's actually suffocating. Who would suspect that innocent-looking bottle of shampoo?

Become a label-reader

Go check the ingredient list on your shampoo bottle right now - the fine print. See all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients with lots of syllables, dashes and numbers? Most are synthetics and chemicals, and one of the biggest offenders in my book is Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate (SLS) which you'll find in most shampoos and toothpastes.

SLS is a cheap detergent that was designed as a garage floor cleaner and engine degreaser. And this is now going on your scalp every day? YUCK!

Not only does this affect the structure of your hair, it absorbs through your scalp and goes into your bloodstream. SLS has been classified as a skin irritant (how ironic), studies show nervous system effects, and it's a proven hormone disruptor.

If that's not enough, SLS alters your skin structure and allows other chemicals to penetrate deeper and into your bloodstream. Over time, this daily chemical onslaught builds up and starts saturating the trillions of cells of your body with a toxic load that progressively loads you down and steals more and more of your precious health and energy.

And that's only one ingredient.

When you check your skincare, there are even more chemicals to check for - a top offender is Parabens (eg, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, etc).

Parabens show endocrine (hormone) disruption at low doses, neurotoxic effects in moderate doses, are a potential carcinogen, and a skin irritant.

In our skincare? How crazy-making is that?

Women use an average of 12 personal care products EVERY DAY, which exposes them to over 160 chemicals. Every single day. It's not just one application of one product - it's the cumulative toxic load. Did you get that piece? Did you take that in? 160 chemicals going into your body every single day? Holy crap!

The amount doesn't matter? Ha!

The standard response I hear from companies who use SLS and other chemicals sounds something like this: "But we use these ingredients in such small amounts that they're not considered harmful at that dosage."

I have only one reply to that. Hogwash!

I'd ask you to consider an ingredient that's delivered at a dosage of 35ppb. That's 35 Parts Per Billion. You'd think something administered at 0.000000000035% would have zero effect, just like big industry claims. Right?

Wrong. What's one example of an ingredient delivered at a dosage of 35ppb? Cialis. If you're not familiar with Cialis, it's a product for erectile dysfunction (similar to Viagra). Zero effect with that small amount of 35ppb? I don't think so! And that teeny-weeny amount comes with a warning to call a doctor if the effects last for more than 4 hours (boggles the imagination, doesn't it?).

Your skin is HIGHLY absorbant

Your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it is going to absorb through it. Whatever absorbs through your skin also goes into your bloodstream. And where does your blood go? Everywhere.

It's really quite simple - if there's an ingredient in a product that you wouldn't EAT, then it has no business going on your skin.

If you didn't realize that your skin isn't the deflecto-shield you thought it was, try the Garlic Test at home. Chop up some garlic very fine, stand on it in your bare feet, and within minutes (if not seconds) you will taste garlic in your mouth.

And the skin on the bottom of your feet is the thickest skin on your body.

The solution is easy

Once you're aware of this, it's actually easy. Read ingredient labels, and use products that don't have ANY chemicals and synthetics in them. Granted there aren't many of these high-calibre products on the market, but they do exist.

My personal favourite brand of haircare is Curelle - it's completely natural, and about half the price of salon products. The results are fantastic.

Using all-natural and nurturing haircare products will stop suffocating your scalp and cells, and start supporting beautiful shiny healthy hair.


Your hair is about 97% protein, so its health is in direct proportion to your nutrient levels. Protein provides the building blocks of strong hair, and Collagen is the main protein in all connective tissues in your entire body - it keeps your trillions of cells together.

Healthy beautiful hair (and skin) depends on an abundant supply of blood, oxygen and optimal nutrients. Otherwise, the price you pay is dull, dry and weak hair with excess thinning, breakage and fallout.

Therapeutic amounts of the following key nutrients are crucial to turbo-charge the trillions of cells in your body, and to provide the foundation for beautiful healthy hair and skin. Here are some of the reasons why:

Buffered Vitamin C

This means Calcium Ascorbate, NOT cheap ascorbic acid. A minimum of 1000mg/day, ideally with citrus bioflavanoids, helps regenerate collagen to support healthy hair and prevent wrinkling.

The B-Vitamin Family

With our faster-paced and higher-stress lifestyles, the entire B family at optimal dosages become more important than ever - not just for healthy hair, but for avoiding senility and memory loss.

Vitamins A & E

Natural Vitamin A at a minimum 10,000 IU/day and Vitamin E from d-alpha-tocopherol (not synthetic dl-) at 800IU/day are key ingredients for lovely locks, skin and nails as they increase cellular regeneration and repair.

Ionic & Trace Minerals

Your vitamins don't work without minerals, as they help transport vitamins into your cells, so your vitamins are just about useless if you don't combine them with all your minerals - importantly, in a form that can be easily absorbed. Zinc deficiency is linked to hair loss, but that's just one of many.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

Without your Omega-3 (minimum 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA), hair is destined to become dry and dull. It also keeps you smart, and helps prevents heart disease and depression.


A very versatile nutrient that helps regenerate just about everything, and its benefits are legendary. 2000mg/day will support beautiful hair, as well as ease inflamed joints (natural anti-inflammatory), and helps keep you looking and feeling more youthful with soft supple skin.

That sounds like a lot - are you overwhelmed?

Fortunately my good friend and colleague, international health expert Brenda Eastwood RNCP, put all of these nutrients (and more) in easy and convenient Total Health Packs at therapeutic dosages. One simple little pack that you take once or twice a day, that you can have at home and in your purse so it's simple to remember and take them every day (supplements that sit on the shelf don't work!). She has taken the guesswork out of a powerful complete system, and created something that actually produces results. What a novel concept!

There was a time in history when getting everything we needed for a healthy vital life just from food alone was possible. That time has unfortunately passed. We now live in a higher-stress and chemical world. When we're on the fast-forward fast-track with depleted soils producing nutritionally-exhausted foods, healthy eating is certainly important but will only take you so far if your objective is optimal health and vitality, which includes beautiful shiny hair and radiant skin. Optimal supplementation has become critical for a vital life, and unfortunately most products are all about marketing and not about results. That's why Brenda created the Total Health Packs, for ease and top results (more info below).

Real results in 6-8 weeks

The trillions of cells in your body are replacing themselves about every 6 weeks. When you start beautifying yourself from the inside with optimal therapeutic nutrition, and from the outside with natural skincare and haircare products, this double-whammy strategic approach will show real changes in 6-8 weeks (sometimes even faster) - and the results are cumulative over time.


1. Become a label-reader and use all-natural hair/skin products ON your body.

2. Turbo-charge your cells with optimal nutrition IN your body.

3. Blow-dry your hair when it's partially dry, not soaking wet.

4. Ensure your styling brush has a ceramic vs metal base.

5. Install a water purifier on your shower head.

And make time every day to celebrate yourself. When you embrace the beautiful and exquisite soul that you truly are, nothing else can exist in that moment and every day will be a great hair day!


This article has made mention of the Total Health Packs, an optimal nutrition system that I use personally myself and just love. It works, it's easy, it's convenient, and it's wonderfully cost-effective because it's only sold direct (it's not MLM and not in retail stores - developed by Brenda Eastwood RNCP). Handy-dandy little packs you can carry with you anywhere in your purse or briefcase, no more managing dozens of bottles.

Here's what I recommend and invite you to do for FREE.

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You can trust the system that I use myself. I've done the research - it's excellent, results-oriented, cost-effective, easy and convenient.

And coming soon, an exquisite all-natural leading-edge skincare system I've discovered after over a year of diligent research. Stay tuned, or send an EMAIL for more info if you just can't wait!

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