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About Christine:
Christine Awram is the Founder of Woman Of Worth Worldwide and WOW Wellness. She's a dynamic high-energy speaker, author, consultant and philanthropist who inspires profound change with ease and simplicity. Diagnosed many years ago with a rare eye disease that was supposed to leave her blind, being a "medical miracle" allowed her to refine her Strategic Self-Care system for extraordinary results, and led to the creation of WOW. Christine is frequently interviewed by the media, and was honoured with the 2012 Outstanding Leadership Award presented by the Global Women's Summit. She was also nominated for Canada's 2012 Governor General's Award. Christine is a true visionary who has inspired thousands to healther, happier and more empowered lives.

She also believes chocolate is a vegetable, as it comes from a bean.

Quote from Christine:
Everyone is a leader, from random acts of kindness to leading a nation.
An empowered leader's effectiveness requires a rock-solid foundation of exceptional
self-care, because today's fast-forward fast-track puts balance on the back burner and often on burnout. Empowered Leadership is first a mindset and then a practice, which ripples out to affect all those we influence and inspire. It also supports our personal results unfolding with greater ease, fulfillment and joy."

Video Clips:
These brief 1-minute clips are excerpts from a corporate session, and are
primarily intended to give a sense of the speaker's style and presence.

Go Here for an Introduction clip
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Keynote Presentation Benefits:

  • Decrease stress & cellular aging for sustainable vitality, wellness and radiance.
  • Increase focus, concentration, memory recall and productivity.
  • Learn how to more effectively manage your time by managing your energy.
  • Become a more empowered leader, from the family room to the boardroom.
  • Enhance your inherent ability to connect, influence and inspire.


"I can't say enough about Christine's powerful impact. Generous, visionary, eminently capable and delightfully funny." (Dr. Susan Biali - Medical Doctor, Best-Selling Author)

"Dynamic, strategic, practical, powerful, profound - Christine rocks."
(Linda Edgecombe - Professional Speaker, Award-Winning Humorist)

"Christine is an outstanding speaker, has a professional and relaxed manner together with a great sense of humour, and exhibits a vast amount of knowledge. All participants were positively impacted and agreed that her presentations passed by far too quickly!"
(May Chan - KPMG)


WOW and Christine have aligned with IWEN since 2008, to rescue young girls from slavery and educate them (and their families) for sustainable change. This interrupts the cycle of illiteracy and poverty, and stimulates empowering human rights and economic development. In April 2012 the IWEN team built a new school in Nepal, building on the success of this grassroots but highly impactful program.

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