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The 2013 Woman Of Worth Awards

"It's always worthwhile, to make others aware of their worth."
(Malcolm Forbes)

We are honoured to announce the 2013 Woman Of Worth Award recipients

To see details of the Award categories and nomination criteria, please go HERE

The Awards were presented at the 9th annual Woman Of Worth WOW Conference on Saturday, May 11, 2013 (for event details, please go HERE)

WOW Leader of the Year:
Christine McLeod

Founder, Impact People Practices

An excerpt from Christine's nomination file:

"She does not have work/life balance. She has a LIFE. She's a mom, wife, entrepreneur, author, social community manager, and a recognized thought-leader in the area of Leadership and Management in the workplace. She has faced adversity in her personal life, including the loss of her daughter 8 years ago, and openly shares that to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential. Three years ago she founded Impact99, a strategic HR Conference that focuses on reinventing the workplace. She exudes empowered leadership in everything she does, and is a maverick in the corporate world as she paves the way for creating more fulfilling workplaces. She provides each of us with the opportunity to connect with our inner goddess and more fully express our most radiant self, making the world a better place for women and our daughters to follow."

WOW Mompreneur of the Year:
Shelly Lynn Nellis

Editor-in-Chief, Fresh Vancouver Magazine

An excerpt from Shelly's nomination file:

"While running two successful magazines and countless entrepreneurial ventures, she also home-schools her daughter whose anaphylaxis is so severe she can't be left in a public school setting. For a mother with a child with a serious health complication, she also runs two magazines and her businesses from home, all while remaining remarkably bright-eyed, passionate, eternally curious and enthusiastic. She is a bright and lively force to be reckoned with, and those of us fortunate to know her are just thankful to come along for the ride."

WOW Heroine of the Year:
(special category)
Kamal Dhillon

Black and Blue Sari

An excerpt from Kamal's nomination file:

"She has survived domestic violence and is now paving a non-violent path for others. She is one of the bravest women I know. After surviving many attempts on her life by her ex-husband, she lives in constant pain with an artificial jaw due to his attempts to destroy her face. Yet she radiates peace and contentment. Her attitude is the true definition of grace and fortitude, and is often heard to say, "Just because you were victimized, you don't have to stay a victim." She recently brought her message to BC's political parties at the BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast, where the Lieutenant Governor and Premier were in attendance, and 1,000 attendees jumped to their feet with a standing ovation at the conclusion of her talk about change in the justice system. Author of "Black and Blue Sari", she personally demonstrates how the human spirit can soar above and beyond unbelievable obstacles. She remains unstoppable on her path of empowerment, as she never wants to read one more story about a death because of domestic violence."

WOW Humanitarian of the Year:
(special category)
Carolyne Taylor

Founder, yoUnlimited

An excerpt from Carolyne's nomination file:

"She cares deeply for others, and does everything she can to support women to be strong. She works to raise money from her events to support Bridges for Women in Victoria and the Girls Can Be Women Centre in India. She's the founder of 24 Carrot Learning and YoUnlimited, and all who know her simply adore her She gets back the true gifts that she gives away every single day."

WOW of Business & Prosperity:
Cathy Tostenson

Vice-President, White Spot

An excerpt from Cathy's nomination file:

"One of our suppliers once said, 'It's sometimes easier to be a bully to get things done'. This is NOT her style at all. She has the ability to recognize different working styles, and adapts her leadership in a manner that invites team members to excel. She sets the bar high and maximizes collaboration. She promotes work/life balance, and gets excited for her staff when they're going through personal milestones. When I was pregnant with my son, I always felt my spiritual wellbeing and health were foremost. She always takes the high road, and solves problems with grace. As the VP of Marketing and Menu Development for White Spot, one of BC's most enduring and dynamic restaurant brands, she is the face and heart of our team."

WOW of Health & Wellness:
Tina Moore

Founder, Jog4Joy


An excerpt from Tina's nomination file:

"She has risen from the ashes of depression, childhood trauma and date rape, and shares her insights openly with integrity, authenticity and grace. She leads through her admirable passion for wellness in her community, and went from never having exercised in her life to training to run 40K on her 40th birthday. She is the founder of Jog4Joy, and her strength and drive is inspiring. She is kind, giving, and one of the most loving people I've ever met."

WOW of Sustainable Living:
Connie Linder

Founder, GreenPages Directory

An excerpt from Connie's nomination file:

"She has a rare combination of sharp business sense, innate leadership ability and empathy, with a special interest in sustainability. She disproves the prevailing notion that you can either make money or do good. Her specialty is marrying business and social responsibility to create successful ventures and promote a solutions-based approach to our economy. She turns the traditional business model on its head, and in 2008 she founded GreenPages Directory to make tangible her commitment to sustainability."

WOW of Spirit Success & Soul:
Julie Salisbury

Founder, Influence Publishing

An excerpt from Julie's nomination file:

"Everyone who meets her develops immense respect for her. She is more than a friend, boss or publisher - she is a mentor. By encouraging people to grow as individuals, she has surrounded herself with a richly diverse community. Few leaders can be so compassionate and still maintain a high level of productivity, but her business continues to grow. She balances her professional life between being a publisher and a published author, and has helped numerous people with extraordinary stories to become best-selling authors through her publishing company. She has even done the unthinkable, and threw out her cell phone!"

With a very special acknowledgemet to our extraordinary finalists,
in alphabetical order by last name:

Wendy Binggeli - Law of Attraction Coach loacoach.ca
Sue Dumais - Heart-Led Living heartledliving.com
Alexandra Greenhill - myBestHelper mybesthelper.com
Malene Grotrian - Malene Grotrian Design malenegrotrian.com
Donna Hutchinson - On The Edge Fitness Educators edgefit.ca
DeeAnn Lensen - Advanced Spa Technologies advancedspatech.com
Vanessa LeBourdais - DreamRider Productions dreamriderproductions.com
Jessica McIlroy - BC Women in Energy bcwen.com
Emira Mears - Raised Eyebrow Web Studio raisedeyebrow.com
Karen Milde - Reframe Marketing reframemarketing.com
Diane Ng - Labyrinth Lady labyrinthlady.ca
Amber Noakes - First Canadian Barter Exchange barterfirst.com
Meredith Powell - Ucantbuycool.com, founderscollective.org
Mandi Sellers - Com-Tech Learning Solutions com-techsolutions.com
Julie Sweeney - Registered Professional Counsellor
Janice Taylor - Just Be Friends jbfkids.com
Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit - yoyomama.ca
Hannelore Thiel - Ignite your 6th Sense hannelore.ca
Katarina Thorsen - Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth
Arline Trividic - SmellThis Aromatherapy smellthis.ca
Sandra Wong - Lucky Lady Games luckyladygames.com

There are never any winners or losers at WOW.
All women have been honoured by their nominations,
as it's an extraordinary gift to be "seen" so profoundly.