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at the annual Woman Of Worth WOW Event
April 8, 2017, 9am-5pm (lunch included)

at the stunning Sparkling Hill Spa Resort

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.
Educate & Empower!

Advance Savings extended to April 5th HERE
General Admission or one seat FREE with a Table of 10

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Celebrity Humorist Linda Edgecombe

The incomparable Linda Edgecombe is an award-winning celebrity humorist, internationally-renowned speaker, founder of Reset TV, a multiple best-selling author and philanthropist. She'll have you rolling in the aisles while holding onto your aching stomach, as she energizes and inspires every room she walks into. Linda delivers with high humour and trademark enthusiasm as she shows you how to lighten the load and laugh.

Linda is a frequent media guest, and is one of our country's most treasured speakers. She's been featured on Canada AM, CHBC, BCTV and Global TV (just to name a few). Her humour is hilarious and absolutely contagious. We are honoured to have her as our MC, as she spends the entire day WOWing you!


Living Undisguised

A Frockalicious Life

Jo Dibblee lived in hiding for 35 years as the key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity she wore disguises, or what she called "frocks of protection" under numerous aliases. Although she was in constant fear for her life, and had to move and change her identity numerous times, she dedicated herself to serving others and helped over 1,500 women launch their dream life. Now a best-selling author, she is a Champion of Change whose mission is to assist women live the life they aspire to!

Have you ever felt like you're a best-kept secret in life, love or business? Jo understands this all too well, and knows there is never a better time to step out of the shadows and shine than right NOW. Your past does not determine your future destiny, and it's time to live what she calls A Frockalicious Life. No apologies, no excuses, just a rich and deliciously authentic life.

At WOW with Jo you will learn:


The Power of Zero Tolerance

Decrease Worry, Increase Peace

Isabelle Mercier will set your soul on fire and teach you how to Live Out Loud by design (not by default). She's a no-nonsense dynamo, TEDx speaker, TV show host, best-selling author, and one of North America's top business influencers. Her purpose is to empower women to rock their business and personal life by creating a worldwide "My Life My Biz My Way" movement.

Get into your LeapZone! 95% of North Americans go to bed or wake up worrying about something, yet worry is the #1 creativity and performance killer of all time. Isabelle has discovered that what we tolerate we worry about, and reveals her simple but powerful model to instantly decrease worry and increase peace of mind.

At WOW with Isabelle you will:


HEALTH & Happiness

The Full Fat Solution

Karlene Karst R.D. is a leading expert in nutrition and natural health. She's the best-selling author of several books, and is a highly sought-after speaker who has appeared on CTV, Urban Rush, Access Hollywood and Canada AM. By the age of 12 she lost three family members to cancer, which ignited her passion to help people get back to basics to live a long and healthy life.

Long gone are the days of "low fat" food. Fat is essential, and healthy fat can easily be incorporated into your daily meals. Extensive research has validated the benefits of healthy fat for a lean body, glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, balanced hormones, a healthy heart and smart children!

At WOW with Karlene you will:


Women Empower Women

Award-Winning Broadcaster

Maureen McGrath is a registered nurse, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and you can hear her every Sunday night from 8-10pm on CKNW's Sunday night sex show as Canada's leading Sexpert. Her tell-it-like-it-is style, coupled with her contagious sense of humour, makes her relatable to everyone. She's an Executive Director at the Women's Health Initiative Network, and was honoured with the Vancouver Board Of Trade Community Catalyst Award.

She also combats workplace bullying. Maureen recognized the patterns of women being vulnerable in the workplace after experiencing it herself. She says, "It surprises people. They can't believe it happened to me. They think I'm such a strong and confident woman, which I am. And yet I was a perfect target for workplace bullying."

At WOW with Maureen you will:


Law Of Attraction

For Women Only

Dana Smithers is known as the ‘How To Gal’ for the Law of Attraction. She has taught thousands of people how to become more empowered by manifesting what they want in life (and less of what they don’t). She is an author, speaker, consultant and Certified Law of Attraction Trainer.

At the age of 35 she started a journey that turned her unhappy life around. Broke, divorced, working in another country with a man she no longer respected, she had her defining moment and woke up. Learning how to use mind-power techniques from Law of Attraction allowed her to shift from pain to power, and she'll teach you too.

At WOW with Dana you will:



"Philanthropy with IWEN"

WOW aligned with IWEN years ago to rescue young girls from slavery, and provides educational scholarships and micro-financing for females in rural Nepal. This grassroots project has transformed the cultural and economic profile of the community.

Today there are over 2.5 million girls still being sold into sexual slavery each year. This goes beyond human rights, and our global family is just as important as our own community because it's all woven together in the fabric that joins us all. Get the latest update, and learn how you can help our global sisters reclaim their rightful place as Women Of Worth.



(Soaker tub, glass wall and crystal ceiling in ALL guest rooms)

You have two choices:

One - register now for WOW, arrive at the resort on April 8th, have an extraordinary day, and leave the event at 5pm WOWed ... OR

Two - register now for WOW, stay at the resort (at the WOW discounted rate), experience an extraordinary event AND indulge yourself in a spectacular spa getaway with your galpals. Sparkling Hill has a 40,000 sq.ft. spa with over 100 treatments, and incorporates 3.5million Swarovski crystals (valued at $10million) into its design. Everything below is included with your stay at no extra charge when you book a room at the Sparkling Hill Resort. And, when you make your reservation, you'll receive the WOW discounted (while space is available).

Complimentary when you book your stay at Sparkling Hill Spa Resort:

Sparkling Hill Spa Resort


In addition to the world-class speakers and entertainment, WOW also includes a delicious hot lunch, ballroom seating, big screens, great door prizes, loads of fun, laughter, empowerment, education, inspiration, connections, celebration ... and chocolate.

While enjoying your fantastic WOW program, you'll also find yourself just naturally making authentic and meaningful connections, and the perfect resource or people will show up. Everything and anything is possible at WOW.

Get WOWed in the Okanagan

at the stunning Sparkling Hill Spa Resort
Saturday, April 8th, 2017, 9am-5pm (includes lunch)


Advance Savings extended to April 5th HERE
General Admission or one seat FREE with a Reserved Table of 10


Celebrating the empowered leadership of women
Because all women are Leaders
And every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth




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